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JPE Survey - Phase I Results

For more than a century, North Carolina has elected judges. Noting a lack of information to enable voters to cast an informed vote based on a judge’s performance, the North Carolina Bar Association developed the Judicial Performance Evaluation program to evaluate all candidates for Superior and District Court.

The 2014 election cycle will mark the second time that the public will have access to the survey results. The information will be released in two separate reports. Phase I contains the survey results of Superior and District Court judges elected or appointed to the bench before March 21, 2013. The results of these surveys are available now. Phase II contains the survey results of Superior and District Court judges appointed after March 31, 2013, whose terms expire in 2014, and non-incumbent candidates who file for election to the Superior or District Court in 2014. The results of these surveys will be available in mid-April.

Phase II takes place after the filing period closes on February 28. Licensed attorneys will be able to participate in the survey via electronic invitation from the consultant bcrossland@bdo.com or by requesting a paper copy of the survey via jpe@ncbar.org. The Phase II survey will close on March 24.

Surveys | Lawyers are encouraged to evaluate each Superior or District Court candidate with whom the lawyer has had a level of professional contact that gives an adequate basis for evaluating the candidate’s performance in six categories. Only one survey per respondent will be accepted per candidate. Anonymity of the respondents and the confidentiality of the responses are ensured through the services of the accounting firm hired to conduct the surveys.

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– Judicial districts for N.C. Superior Court and N.C. District Court  (Provided by the UNC School of Government)

- Sample Survey Form

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